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Affiliate Disclosure

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We disclose our use of affiliate links on our website because we are committed to transparency, honesty, and integrity. It is essential for our readers to understand that we may receive compensation for the products or services we promote.

Affiliate marketing is a common practice on the internet, and it is a way for websites like ours to earn a commission by promoting products or services we believe in. We only recommend products or services that we have used or thoroughly researched and believe will be of value to our readers.

We want to assure you that our use of affiliate links does not influence our content. We remain committed to providing you with unbiased and helpful information that can help you make informed decisions. Please read these terms of use carefully before accessing or using our website.

Simple Explanation Of The Above

Some links, products/services you may come across in this website are affiliate links to certain products/services of third-party websites or companies, and we may earn some commissions when you navigate and patronize them.

For a better understanding of the above, we have affiliate links placed (or embedded) in this website, and they would lead you to third–parties websites, products/services if clicked. If you go further and make a purchase, we may earn commission and this would be of no additional cost to you.

This Affiliate Disclaimer (“Affiliate Disclosure”, “Affiliate Policy”) is intended to disclose to our users that there are affiliate links to third-party websites, products, or services placed within our website. The Disclaimer is in accordance with the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) of the United States and other laws and guidelines around the world. Read FTC Endorsement Guidelines >> Here

Affiliate links are placed directly or embedded with the contents of this website. When you click on them, you are re-directed to third-parties websites, products, or services; where you have options to buy these products/services which we feel would be of great value to you.

Please note that we treasure our reputation with our users or readers and have value for our integrity and want to protect them. All posts or reviews about any affiliate products or services are our opinions, and are just for information purposes, and not for any form of endorsement.

We post affiliate links only from the most trusted Affiliate Networks, such as Market Health, ClickBank, JVZoo and WarriorPlus, etc. We only post what we know we can consume ourselves or use; what works for us may not work for you. With this in mind, please carry out your own findings of any affiliate product/service when you wish to make any purchase.

Make sure you read this Disclaimer alongside our Terms of Use & Privacy Policy statements. Kindly contact us for further questions regarding this Affiliate Disclaimer and we will be happy to help.

This affiliate disclosure page was last updated on the 26th of May, 2023.

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