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Cookies Policy

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This cookies policy document was last updated on the 2nd of June, 2023.


This website uses cookies and other similar tracking technologies to personalize its contents,  for targeted ads, and to analyze traffics coming to our website.

We have put down this cookie policy statement essentially to inform you that our website uses cookies and how and why they are used.  It also intended to inform you that you can modify cookies setting and or completely restrict it.

It is advisable to how to read it together with our Privacy Policy which also explains to you how we use your personal information, and the type used.

More so, if your site is based in the European Union (EU) or you’re targeting EU citizens, then the law requires that you have a Cookies Policy posted on your website.

EU’s Privacy and Electronic Communications Directive, which was bought into force on 26th May 2011, requires that consent of website users be sought before storing cookies or related information storing technologies in their devices.

In its essence, it requires that companies actively obtain the consent of their users for storing cookies (and similar technologies for storing information) on their access devices (for example, laptops and PCs).

We appreciate your opinions on this cookies policy of ours. Please send your questions or contributions if any, as regards how we use cookies. You can reach us via:


“Cookies refer to tiny information which is stored on a visitor’s computer by a website being surfed, also, the visitors’ browsers provide these strings of information to the website each time the visitors return to use the site. They are generally files of a small amount of data stored in the hard drive.”

A cookie contains a message that is communicated between a website and the user’s web browser. This message which comes in a small text file is usually stored on the computer by the browser. The data is stored against the next time the user would visit the website again.

Please note that this information or data collected via cookies are encrypted and do not contain your username or password.


Our website uses “cookies” on web browsers to ensure you get the best of users’ experience, as well as to track with the aim of improving our website’s performance or its functions. Please do note that only non-personal identification is collected via cookies.

With cookies and their tracking technologies, we are also able to provide a high-quality user experience by swiftly identifying and correcting any issues that may arise. A good example is using cookies to keep track of particular web pages often visited by our users.

They also help us identify the most effective method of linking between our site pages; or websites from which our site users are referred. With information from the latter, we are able to improve our future advertisement campaigns.

We may also use Cookies to prevent certain users from unauthorized access to our website, for security reasons.

It is also important to know that we get affiliate commissions credited to us each time a user makes a purchase via our affiliate links, and we get credited for each sale we make. The crediting process uses tracking cookies placed on the users’ computers

Find below, some of the functions we get by using cookies:


We have adverts and affiliate links placed or embedded in our website posts. When clicked, they may lead to the website of our advertisement partners or those of our affiliate sponsors. These sites or web links may have cookies set in them.

These cookies help the ad servers and their tracking technology to recognize your computer each time they send you an advert online. This information allows advertisement networks to deliver targeted adverts that could be of benefit to you.

Please visit our cookies information policy for more info. >> Click Here

THIRD-PARTY WEBSITE AND LINKS may contain advertisements, contents or links that point to third-party websites. We want you to know that when you click on any of those links, you are re-directed to another website.

We strongly advise you to read and review the privacy policy of any of these websites, since their policy statement differs from ours. Also note that we have no control over, therefore, will assume no responsibility for the privacy policies, contents, or practices of any of these third-party websites.


We may have adverts on our website from Google, served through Google AdSense.


There may be affiliate links embedded in some posts on this website. If a user goes on to make a purchase after clicking on these links, we will earn affiliate commissions from the sales. Read more from our Affiliate Disclosure. Please be informed that these affiliate programs use cookies so as to keep track of affiliate sales coming from users of this site.

Cookies of these Affiliate vending programs differ and are also set up in different ways. For instance, while some cookies may be set up to expire within a determined time frame (usually 30days), others may be set to last for eternity.

Affiliate programs have the final say regarding their cookies policy. It is your sole responsibility to read them up when you surf their websites.


Contemporary web browsers today, all have the ability to control or manage website cookies. Whether Chrome, Mozilla, Internet explores, etc., all browsers today can be set to block all cookies from being sent or stored in their devices.

You may also choose to block cookies only from a particular website. It can even be set such that cookies are immediately deleted when the browsers are closed. If you haven’t visited your browser’s cookies setting for a while now, it will surprise you that u may have accumulated a huge data of cookies in your device from third parties.

Talking about our website, users have the option to disable their web browser cookies each time they visit our site, they may also set their browsers to send notifications whenever cookies are being sent. This way, they have better control of all cookies from our site.


We shall always update our cookies policy whenever need be, especially to reflect contemporary technologies or any data protection laws. Any changes we make about our cookies policy would appear on this page.  We may also notify our site users by posting the notice on our website’s notification bar.

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