How To Make Money Online Blogging (Tips For Newbies)

How to make money online blogging
How to make money online blogging

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You are here because you want to learn (more about) how to make money online blogging. This might just be your first step in the right direction; a step that will catapult you into the world of thousands of dollars. Before you proceed with what follows, ponder on these questions to see if they relate to you:

Foremost, are you passionate about writing? Are you very regular when it comes to updating your social media pages or timelines? Perhaps you are also obsessed with a given topic or expertise in a particular field of human endeavours, maybe you are just an enthusiast about a given thing or thereabout, if any of the above questions or descriptions perfectly relates to you, then you may pass well blogging and making money online from it.

What is Blog and who is a Blogger?

A blog is just a term coined from “Weblog”, it has to do with a collection of thoughts or views on a given subject or topic of someone who runs the weblog. Blogging gives us the opportunity to share our thoughts, especially about so many things happening around us. A Blogger is that person who owns and runs a blogsite, either for the fun of doing it, blogging to make money online, or for any of the reasons described in the next subheading:

Why do people blog? (Reasons are not limited to the under-listed points)

A million blogs get started every day. So many people are now getting involved with blogging every day and there must be obvious reasons why they are doing this. This brings us to the big question: why do people blog? Below are some of the reasons why people blog these days:

  • To provide solutions to others. People search online daily for solutions to different needs such as health and wellness, making money online, entrepreneurship, politics, crypto and cryptocurrencies updates, better options for their careers etc. When people blog, they provide guides or solutions to what others search for, just a way of helping humanity.
  • To improve one’s writing skills, perhaps making money as a writer thereafter. When you constantly engage yourself in writing and publishing, this will help to improve your skills in writing, making you a better writer with good expertise. You may be wondering how possible this would be? I dare you to start blogging, and you will turn out to be a great and competent writer. You may even make money from writing too. Find out how!
  • Blogging makes people better thinkers: As a blogger, you often look for better and more meaningful ways of presenting your thoughts about any topic you are writing about, This is to ensure that the idea that was written about, or the intended message is well conveyed to the target audience or readers. So trying to choose what and how to write and even your ability to write makes you a better thinker.
  • To promote yourself or your business and attract followers. As a blogger, your blogs will attract so many readers and followers, provided you have a very interesting niche and good content you upload regularly. You can engage with your audience in comment sections and email newsletters. With all these, you can smartly promote yourself, your business (be it sales or services), or many other things you do. You may even run an advertisement program on your blogging platforms.
  • Blogs will give you ample opportunity to interact with your customers and prospects. This is one of the fundamental ideas behind blogging, especially with regard to an e-commerce business. With a blog, you can interact with a prospect or prospective customer and this can be achieved by enabling a comment section of your posts to allow readers to make comments. This will encourage them to always want to come back for more understanding or business deals.
  • Blogging can make people self-employed, and work at home: Full-time bloggers have the pleasure of working in the comfort of their homes. Of course, everyone would want to always have that special time with family and loved ones, most professional bloggers have chosen this path because they wouldn’t want the stresses that come along with the usual conventional work or jobs where one goes to work at a certain time and come back after a certain time or as the case may be.
  • To make money online. Yes! You can really make money online by blogging. Blogging is not just about writing for people to read, perhaps to also proffer solutions to needs or share a thought, it is also done so as to make good money online. In case you don’t know, so many bloggers today are making a very good sum of money from online blogging, and are doing really well. You may also join the wagon and become one of them. Starting a blog is really very easy and this is part of what we shall discuss in this article.
  • All of the above are just a few of so many reasons why people go into blogging. This article will however make emphasis how to make money online blogging and it’s directed to newbies or intended for bloggers. Just read on.

How to start blogging

If all mentioned above are not enough reasons to inspire you to start blogging, then the fact that you can make money online blogging, and working conveniently from the comfort of your home as a blogger should be convincing enough. Smiles!

More so, blogging is no longer as stressful as it used to be, all thanks to the internet which has made a lot of work be done more conveniently. Internet will provide you with some opportunities to outsource some of the tasks involved in blogging [Learn more here]. This is the right time to start blogging and you should start today.

Foremost, choose a good blogging platform. There are many of these today, you can create free accounts on pages like Facebook, Medium, Quora, Reddit, Google Blogger etc. Believe me, there are so many social networks you can post content completely free. You may also decide to go for premium services like building your website or blog site which you have complete control over.

Fortunately today, you can easily get good already built templates for your blog site. Gone are the days of stressful coding when designing your website. Some of these themes or templates are really free, but the premium ones are much better. You can get design tips or ideas from experts online, such as on YouTube. You may also hire the services of expert freelancers from websites like or, and save yourself the stresses involved in doing some of these tasks.

Get a Domain and Hosting for your blog

Decide on a domain name that fits your niche or subject you want to blog about. For Example, is a domain for a blog that writes about health and wellness. Finding a domain that has your specific niche topic in the domain name will help your blog to rank well organically. SiteGround ( ) is the best place online where you can purchase your domain and hosting.


Siteground has a very good customer relationship. Their support team offer top-notch customer service. They are always there to offer technical support to customers who have challenges, especially the newbies, and are always available with 24/7 support. Siteground servers don’t experience downtime, unlike other hosting providers. So if you really want very professional hosting for your intended blog, then think Siteground. =>>

Learn more about Siteground

Where to hire an expert for developing a blog

There are many design agencies where you can hire experts or outsource your website or blog design work. If you really want to make your blog site or website catchy and attractive to your targeted audience, then hire the service of a good designer. This won’t be the best time for Do-It-Your own (DIY). An expert can help you design your blog, with good content management; all you need do is to start posting your blogs or articles. is one of the best platforms where you can outsource any work online starting from as little as $5 (Five USD) in most cases.

Another website you can think of for similar outsourcing jobs is

Both are online marketplaces for freelance services. The company (Fiver) provides a platform where freelancers offer services to customers worldwide. So much work you can outsource by hiring experts on, they include Web design, Blog design, Article and Blog posts, Video creation, Whiteboard animation, Video Editing, Digital Marketing, E-commerce videos, transcriptions…so also on Upwork. The list goes on>> Learn more on Learn more about Upwork.

Create Good Quality Content for Your Readers

You may have come across the quote: “Content is King”. This is also applicable when it comes to blogging. Your website or blog site may have a very fantastic layout, but without good content in it, your efforts may not really be fruitful. So strive to upload very good and high-quality original content. This is why your blog topic needs to revolve around your passion or interests, believe me, you will always have what to write.

At times, there may be a need to also hire the services of some expert writers on Fiver for as cheap as $5 and from as well, for your blogging needs, however, remains the most popular. You may really have to consider outsourcing your jobs from time to time if you really want to make money online via blogging.

Blogging many times requires outsourcing blogs, or seeking guest posts. If you want to do it all alone, you may eventually break down. Blog owners who are really making money online do outsource certain jobs from time to time to ensure they are always updating their readers and giving them something to read at all times. Trust me, when you start to gain plenty of readers, you wouldn’t want to disappoint them by not posting regularly.

Note: Please do not copy the works of others; it is a plagiarism offence for copyright-protected works. During your research, you may read the works of others to get inspiration and ideas, reframe these in your own original words but do not copy. You can be sued! Plagiarism has serious legal consequences…Take this as a kind warning!

Promote your blog always

Now that you are done with the design stage, start posting and publishing your blogs or articles on the website. But it doesn’t end there. You can’t make money online via blogging without promoting the blog. There are many bloggers out there coincidentally writing the same thoughts, maybe in different ways. When you promote your blog, you will get a much larger audience and readers compared to when it is not promoted. YOU MUST DO THIS ALWAYS!

There are many ways you can promote your blog. We will dwell on the freeways of promotion. Simply post some content of your blog, then attach the links that will refer or redirect your target audience to your blog site. Participate in forums related to your blog niche, answer questing and drop links that will take your audience to your site. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. are all great places to drive traffic to your website or blog site.

More so, you should optimize blogs for search engines; this way, your posts are easily discovered when people make related searches on search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc. There are many SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tips you can get online for free. You can also get some other promotion tips online.

You should check some SEO tips and online promotion ideas if you want to make your blog the main source of your earnings. There are websites, which provide the latest techniques to promote a website or blog online. Get in touch with those websites and try your best to promote your blog. Your blog can also gain a better ranking in organic searches if you hire the support of an expert.

7 proven ways you can make money online with your blog (#7 Works like magic):

The more traffic (readers) to your blog site or website, the more revenue you make from it. In all you do, make sure your blog gets very good traffic. Below are seven (7) proven ways you can make good money online blogging, pay more attention to item #7:

#1. Placing Ads from Google AdSense

Google AdSense is an advertisement program run by Google through which website publishers through Google Network, serve targeted ads to website users. When they click on the ads or take certain actions after clicking the ads, the web owners or publishers are paid commissions. Many bloggers are making money online from Google AdSense.

#2. Sell Your Own Ad Space

One of the ways to make money online from blogging is by selling advertising spaces on your website or blog. The ads you place should be related to the niche of the blog. If your blog generates tons of traffic, adverts placement alone can generate you nice monthly revenue on your blogs

#3. Write Product Reviews on selected pages or posts

This is also another cool way you can generate money online from your blog or website, when you write honest reviews about a product you have used or know about, you can tell your loyal readers to buy those products or services using your affiliate or referral links.

In fact, some people deliberately look for reviews before buying any product online; they can also be among your readers. You get commissions from sellers for every successful transaction. Commissions paid are usually small but with hundreds or thousands of customers buying through you, the returns can be great.

#4. You may ask or solicit kind donations for site maintenance

I have come across many websites or blogs where owners ask for donations to enable them to maintain or run the blog, this works for many. Those little donations from time to time can turn out to be huge sums you can make online from your blog. In my kind opinion, it is not ideal to ask for charity donations when your blog has other products it is selling. This will make you appear too needy in the face of your readers

#5. Add a paid membership section to your blog

You can create a particular section in your blog dedicated to premium members. Here you post certain premium content exclusively for paid members. For example, if your blog niche is about cryptocurrencies, you can have a section where you advise your premium members when to buy or sell a given cryptocurrency. Once you are very good at things you blog about, you can add sections for paid members.

#6. Make money selling your own products

Many e-commerce websites now include blogs in their website. Blogs can generate readers who eventually are prospective customers to whatever products you have for sale on your website. This is a new digital marketing strategy currently used in e-commerce. Vendors now know that people love to read and also be entertained, so they use blogging as bait to bring them to their websites. So with blogging, you can make good money selling your products online.

#7. Sell affiliate products of others

There are many affiliate networks you can sign up for to be able to sell affiliate products. Examples include Clickbank, Warriorplus, JVzoo, Market Health etc. Most vendors also offer affiliate programs, all you need to do is just sign up. Affiliate marketing is one of the major ways vendors sell their products online.

Most webmasters or bloggers make most of their money online via affiliate selling of affiliate products or services. Search for products that are related to your blog niche and you are good to go. For example, if your blog is about health, it will attract readers seeking information related to health.

So when you post product images related to health, you have every probability of making good sales and you get commissions per sale. This is a sweet way of making money online through blogging. Though affiliate commissions come in small at times, it will amaze you how much you will accumulate over a given time.

There are uncountable ways you can make money online from blogging. All you need do is put your brain to work. Think and make money. The possibilities are endless.

Blogging will bring you many good things to your life and also provide you with the opportunity of making very good money online. If writing is among your hobbies, or you want to consider adding another stream of passive income to what you already have, then consider blogging business. Starting a blog is very easy, especially when you hire the services of experts to complement your efforts.


You should also be active on social media so as to draw more attention from readers to your blog. Try to put into practice all you have learnt from this detailed article, be determined and don’t lose focus.

Consistently post new articles to update your readers and increase traffic. Surely, results will start coming within the shortest possible time. You will be glad to be among those making money online via blogging.

You may drop a comment if you have a question regarding this article, or just to say a word of appreciation. Don’t forget to share this article using any of the share buttons below.


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