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Long Distance Relationship Advice For Couples

Long distance relationship

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It is a perception of most people that those who are in long-distance relationships may not really be serious about the goal of a relationship, maybe due to the fact that a lot of relationships like this kind don’t last nor have happy endings. They may also forget that thousands of reasons may have caused these long-distance relationships not to work out like they ought to.

Sometimes too, relationships of this kind fail when one or both couples do not make optimal efforts to maintain and keep the relationship they started. Falling in love with someone who is far apart from you, and making the distance relationship to work can really be challenging and would normally require more effort, determination and optimism to turn that long-distance relationship into a permanent love story.

Despite the challenges that come with any long-distance relationship, it can still work and would turn into a full-blown romance that leads to a happy ending; nothing is impossible. Couples involved in distant relationships just have to put the effort into keeping their relationship as interesting as possible even at distance.

With these in mind, there are some long-distance relationship advice that both partners should know (the lady should pay more attention to tip #10). Below, you will find these tips and advice that can be helpful for your burgeoning romance, regardless of the miles that separate you:

  1. Make out time to communicate frequently.

Although sending messages and emails always works well, sometimes, you need to talk and have a conversation in real-time. Depending on the distance, it may take a while for you to find the best hours to talk, but with practice, you get to perfection. Fun voice messages can also make up for calls that couldn’t be made due to lack of time. And no, it doesn’t matter if you can only call on Sunday mornings, the key is to make time for the other person.

  1. Find the best means for effective communication.

Once you have the hours organized, it is also important to find the right means for communication. It was never easier or cheaper to get in touch with the world in the past years, fortunately, technological innovations have brought the world closer, with just a Wi-Fi connection or any internet source, you can speak and send messages. There are so many communication platforms online today, choose the ones that make communication more exciting especially those with the video calls features.

  1. Be creative to spice things up.

Record an audio message at night, write a letter, send a postcard, or send a box of food or a recording with songs. There are whole lots of ideas you can come up with, just use your imagination and find new and amazing ways to let your partner know that you think of him. This does not mean that you have to clear your bank account nor hire a small plane to convey your written poems or messages

  1. Arguments are part of it: don’t avoid arguments in a long-distance relationship.

When weeks or months pass before you see each other, it is easy to ignore problems or concerns. No one wants to spend time arguing if you only have 48 hours to be with the other person, but avoiding confrontations and discussions can be harmful in the long term. It is far better to talk about those things that bother you before they become huge obstacles in your relationship.

Don’t argue through text messages or email (you have to read too much between the lines), discuss things in person or on the phone as soon as it comes up.

  1. Always speak out, do not keep things in your mind.

You should try at all times to be honest and open about your feelings. Not knowing where your partner is at any time or who he spent Saturday night with can lead you to think too much and have unnecessary fears. It is true that social media has made it easier to see (or imagine) how much fun someone had, but this doesn’t help too much.

It is important that you trust each other enough to share your thoughts and feelings and find a way to deal with jealousy, anxiety or doubt that may come up in your long-distance relationship together.

  1. Live your usual life.

That you are in a long-distance relationship doesn’t mean you are not going to live your usual life at the same time. You may, however, feel like you’re missing certain things because it is always harder to do what normal couples do, like going to pick up your partner at work or eating together. Despite these, it can also be a great advantage to have time for yourself.

If you have to study or work for many hours, you will not disappoint your partner by having to cancel your schedules or programs for each day, just live your normal life.

  1. Do boring things together.

When you only see each other a few times a year, it will always be like a vacation. Yes, there’s nothing wrong with relaxing and sleeping, having a late breakfast and visiting places, just like you will do on a normal vacation, but it’s also good to do boring things and chores every day: things like doing laundry, running errands or mowing the lawn. Try to make day-to-day activities fun and exciting when you do them together, it’s best to test a relationship, right?

  1. Know the next time possible for you to see each other again.

Due to the challenge of having free time and cost implications for a meeting, it will always be difficult for you to be together. And if you don’t know the possible time for you to see each other again, it can interfere with your feelings and your life plans.

So it is best to set a date as soon as possible after returning home. That way, you can both plan ahead and take advantage of flight deals or promotions, more so, you will also have something to look forward to! (Surprise visits are great, too, of course, so do some if you can.).

  1. Always do things together.

Desperate situations need creative steps to help you spend time with your partner, you can still do things together even if you are not in the same place. How? All thanks to video call features, today there is no excuse for not sharing screen time and cooking, eating, shopping or going for a walk with your partner using video chat. Don’t forget that you can also watch the same movie while talking or chatting.

  1. Use something that reminds you of your partner.

There will come moments when calls or messages would not be enough to make up for you not being together. Be creative about refreshing memories. It will help a great deal, for example, to wear his favourite shirt or drink in his favourite cup. Those memories may be cheesy, but they certainly work. A sample of his favourite perfume you wear on your clothes can make time zones disappear for a moment, so don’t be ashamed to use those methods if you desperately need to feel close to your partner.

  1. Meet people and visit sites.

The more you talk and get to know each other, the more you will mention people or places that the other person does not know. Whenever possible, introduce him — with a photo or in-person — to the people you relate to or the places you go to most frequently. In this way, daily conversations will make much more sense and you will feel more that you are part of your partner’s life, despite the distance.

The above paragraphs are just a few out of a million long-distance relationship advice; note that keeping your relationship as interesting as it could be is not limited to these tips or advice alone. There are still other numerous ways that can help you and your distant relationship, but sometimes, you have to dig these out from within yourself.

Read related books, meditate, enquire, etc. you will certainly get fresh ideas that can help you. A long-distance relationship is certainly not the end of the world. Cheers!


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